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Letter Cutting and Stonecarving



'our house'; carved in Blue Lias - a bit of a different take on the more usual 'Chez Moi' or 'Dunroamin'" or 'Shangri La'. I completed it

soon after moving to my new studio at Broadwindsor Craft Centre DT8 3PX. Virtually the next day a customer purchased it as wedding gift!


A memorial post in Ham Stone designed and carved in 2015.


 Lettering is my own simple design of italic capitals.

Well, here we are in 2016, and a client asked me to make a foundation (if that's the right word) stone for a new dwelling still being built, using a small rough hewn block of the same

Purbeck Stone being used in the construction. As with all my work, it's entirely hand-carved.

Completed for the customer at the end of November this year (2015), "90" is a house number carved in a craggy fragment of Portland stone, and stands approx. 11" high. The numerals were drawn freehand, with the drafting lines left on at the customer's request.

Just Be - Portland Stone


Here's the latest of my stonecarvings in the series I refer to as 'Universal Sentiments'. Two words, simply "Just Be", carved in relief on a piece of Portland Stone. I'm pleased with the colours I chose for the lettering - combined with the white of the stone, it wouldn't look out of place on somewhere like Santorini!


I took this stone I carved with the phrase 'Just Be' and photographed it in front of the iconic cliffs at West Bay (or 'Broadchurch' as so many people now refer to it!)


your words or sentiment carved in to limestone or slate by artist Phil Brown


 Can be tailored to individual requirements and cost from £30 plus any delivery and/or installation costs (if required).



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Letter Cutting


My inspirations for letter-cutting styles come from things like poster designs and rock or pop album artwork including informal styles that were popular when I was of school age, as well as inscriptions in churches and on headstones, and any other examples of letter-cutting I happen to find and admire.


I carve words, numbers, and short phrases in Portland or Bath Stone and Blue Lias.


‘Words In Stone’ by Phil Brown are available as ‘bespoke’ pieces, each one hand-carved individually to commission, as unique and timeless gifts for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, dedications and memorials etc. I welcome commissions for house names and numbers too.


I am working to create a range of ‘Words In Stone’ to communicate universal sentiments, for example ‘Peace’, ‘Wish’, or ‘Just Be’. I also enjoy making word-carvings of appropriate song titles like ‘Wild Thing’ (see how that would work in a garden?!), or working with extracts from song lyrics, such as ‘Fly Away Skyline Pigeon Fly’.


‘Words In Stone’ by Phil Brown are suitable for either indoor or outdoor display, and can work especially well when placed judiciously in garden settings. Portland Stone is more hard-wearing than Bath Stone; this is a point worth considering if a piece is intended for a lifetime setting out of doors.


My prices start at £25 and depend on factors such as the size and type of stone to be used, the style of lettering desired, and whether delivery and/or fixing is required. Lead times can vary according to the aformentioned factors, but I generally ask for a minimum of 4 -6 weeks.


I am always happy to discuss customer requirements, and can usually be reached via the phone and email details given in the Contact & Links page.






Use phone, email or visit my studio to tell me your requirements. I will need to know the following:


  • The width & height of the proposed site and or the proposed stone.
  • What is to be inscribed on the stone,and any lettering/font style preferences.
  • The type of stone you may prefer
  • Free Standing or wall mounted
  • Delivery and/or installation required


Once I have this information, plus your contact details, I would submit an estimate for the work.


If you are happy with the estimate, I would confirm a quote and once you are happy with that, I would commence work (upon receipt of a 30% non-returnable deposit).



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Wild Thing

Here's another, in Bath Stone, of an intended range of 'Words In The Garden' where the word or phrase is not only appropriate for the garden but also links to my love of music, especially where I look for those with a suitable title or with something appropriate in a song's lyric. Everyone knows this one, a huge hit for The Troggs in the 60's, and many gardens have a 'wild' area (grasses etc), so a stone like this could be placed amusingly in that part of a garden.

Aah isn't it LOVELY - Lincolnshire Limestone


WISH - Portland Stone


PEACE - Bath Stone

32 - Blue Lias




LOVE - Portland Stone


SKYLINE PIGEON - Blue Lias - Detail



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