Words In Stone

Letter Cutting and Stonecarving


Phil Brown Stone Carver, Letter Cutter & Ceramic Artist

Phil Brown the Artist


I seem to have done, and been, a lot of things in my life so far. (Tutor, artist, teacher, art technician, postman, sound technician, DJ, shop assistant, art student - the CV is too long for inclusion here!).


But the recurring theme throughout, an underlying thread if you like, seems be creativity - in my thoughts and actions in aspects of everyday life, as well as in art, crafts, and music.


Having spent the past ten years or so working as a local ceramic artist in Somerset, I view my decision to carve stone as the latest ongoing development in my life as a creative person.


More especially, I find that stonecarving encourages me to work in a freer, more intuitive, less nit-picky way than was sometimes the case with my ceramics. (Having said that, I do believe that my garden ceramic pieces share certain sculptural qualities with my stonecarving work.)


I'm all for the way the act of stonecarving slows me down to where the pace of creating becomes virtually meditative - a process of working whereby I'm constantly seeking to reveal the beauty of the form within the stone itself.


Therefore I try to work without too many preconceived ideas, whilst at the same time making each cutting or chiseling decision carefully, otherwise, unlike clay where I can stick a bit back on, with stone once it's gone it's gone!


Naturally, adopting such an intuitive approach to work has a bearing on a client's expectations of me when considering a potential commission. So from the outset our negotiation will hopefully be a halfway

 meeting of minds and mutual trust.


If you like what you see of my work thus far, and are prepared to let me have considerable artistic freedom, I will always endeavour to produce something beautiful (otherwise what's the point?!) and unique that enriches your life with its presence.



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