Words In Stone

Letter Cutting and Stonecarving



House sign 'Lower Farm Cottage'. (2017) This is carved in Ham Stone and is approx 16" across.




"Wantsley Barn"; (2017). My client here required two signs, one for a gate post, the other for a low plinth. The lettering is hand drawn this time. Ammonites occur in their garden areas, hence the inclusion of the ammonite design. Both are carved in Ham Stone.





"LOYOLA" house sign. Portland Stone (2017). As the customer's request I designed the lettering for this. The stone is approx 12" wide.



'COBWEBS' house sign in a flecked piece of Portland Stone. Approx 14" across.



House sign 'Giddyhorn'. Slate, 2017.  51cm wide.



I also carve memorial stones from time to time. At the customer's request I used Portland Stone for this one, which measures almost 60cm across.





A house sign for "13 Southfields". Hand carved into slate. Approx 15" across.



Very pleased to be commissioned to carve this large plaque for 'BEAMINSTER HOUSE', late in 2017. Blue Lias was the stone of choice here. Width approx 27".



House sign 'Knights Orchard' in slate (2015). I'm showing it here both prior to painting (so that the carving can be clearly observed) as well as the white-painted version fixed into its intended position by the customer.




'BRIDPORT ANTIQUES' in Portland Stone 58 x 38cm. 2017. Together with 'THE OLD COURT' this large plaque is to be mounted on the front of the refurbished building opposite Waitrose which once belonged to Gundry's.



This is a recently completed BAS-RELIEF in Portland Stone, created from an original design drawing by the client themselves. My task was to 'realise'

or re-imagine it in 3-D. It measures 31cm x 31cm.



'Newhouse Cottage' house name plaque in Ham Stone. May 2017. All caps but larger ones at the start of each word. This one was incorporated into a Blue Lias dry stone wall.




'Juniper Lodge', a house name in slate 16" x 10", is shown in finished form (no in-painting required, so you really are looking at what me and the chisel(s) achieved).



Completed very recently, 'Gull View' will shortly adorn the outside wall of a house near West Bay, Dorset. Again, in consultation with the client,

a ragged offcut of Portland Stone was used. I loved making this one because (a) I was given the freedom to design the lettering specifically

(and you can see where I had fun with it!), and (b) because there were design elements involved due to the desired inclusion of a seagull in flight, all of which made the project more interesting and challenging.




This is a commemorative plaque for a reconstructed cider barn in East Dorset. At the client's request, Medieval alchemical symbols for the sun and moon were incorporated into the overall design, which, for me,

made the work all the more intriguing! I carved the entire piece by hand, using a block of Portland Stone 35cm x 35cm x 8cm. It is certainly the most intricate  and time-consuming stone-carving I have made so far

(as of March 2016) because not only are there both incised AND relief elements, just look at that pear tree!

It measures no more than 6 inches in width and height, so for much of the time the chisels were just tickling the stone. And for some of the facial features, I was carving with nothing more than a panel pin!




28 Bunting Cottage was carved in Blue Lias stone for a small house in Lyme Regis, Dorset. It measures

approx 30cm x 30cm. I enjoyed the challenges inherent in using this particular font.




'Spinney Edge', a house name in Blue Lias stone. Top photo: with painted infilling. Lower photo: as carved, no infilling.


'QUARRY COTTAGE' - (House Stone)

I loved carving 'Quarry Cottage' for a client newly moved to the Bridport area. The stone was already positioned at the front of their garden and originally had the words painted on albeit rather untidily, so my challenge was to clean the paint off, along with debris such as loose stone and moss, until I had a surface clean and firm enough to carve into. The next challenge was to make a smart professional looking job of the lettering on what was still a hard but undulating surface. Again, not sure what type of stone this is; best guess is granite, based on finding the stone to be so hard as to require the purchase of suitable chisels!

'HOMEDENE - (Bath Stone)

'Homedene' house name in Bath Stone. If you've not seen this one of mine before, here it is, in the first picture completed and photographed outside our studio, the second picture is of the stone in its intended position at the client's home.

'SOUTHWINDS' - (House Sign)

This relief-carved house sign is nearly 2 1/2 ft long! I used a piece of best quality Doulting stone from a stone-quarry near Shepton Mallet in Somerset. This piece took quite a long time to complete, but I enjoyed the work especially as I was given free reign over the lettering design. It is now mounted in the wall of a renovated bungalow overlooking Golden Cap and a magnificent sweep of the West Dorset Jurassic coastline.


WALLHAYES, a house plaque carved in Blue Lias stone. The font was chosen in collaboration with the client. I think this stone looks great contrasting against the Ham Stone of the building.


'THE OLD COURT' in Portland Stone 58 x 38cm. 2017. Together with 'BRIDPORT ANTIQUES' this large plaque will be mounted on the front of the refurbished building opposite Waitrose which once belonged to Gundry's.



'Aquamist' in Ham Stone. From a time last year when I was carving in the garden. This was another opportunity to design the lettering.



'THE CHASE' house name, Portland Stone.



'PEA MEAD' is a pair of house name plaques, this time using Ham Stone from the Dorset/Somerset border. Each stone is over 2ft long. The challenge here was to make two identical carvings in a type of stone that can, by nature, contain softer or more brittle areas. It all worked out to the satisfaction of all, thank goodness!



I hand-carved this house name 'Broadymead' into a large chunk of Dartmoor granite belonging to the client - who lives in a Dartmoor village.

Thus far it ranks as both the hardest and heaviest block of stone I have yet worked on! It is 65cm long, nearly 30cm high, and approx 25cm deep,

and will be incorporated into a wall of the same stone at the property.




Earlier this year (2015) I completed a commission for two identical plaques in Bath Stone for a private road known as "The Park".

These few months later I'm pleased to reveal how one of them looks set into a brick pillar, as intended, at the road's entrance.

It's a proud moment in the development my stone carving thus far! If YOU know of a private or unadopted road in your own vicinity

that's in need of similar enhancement, please get in touch!


'LOSCOMBE DOWN' - (Doulting Stone)

'Loscombe Down' carved in a chunk of Doulting stone during May, for large house near Dorchester, Dorset.


The stone is about 23 inches across. I have painted it in with gun metal grey at the customer's request.


'RIVENDELL' - (House Stone)

My 'Rivendell' carving has an interesting genesis. Whilst the clients were discussing their needs, I was showing them some pieces of stone I had in stock, looking for a piece that would be 'right' for the job. By chance they noticed a fragment of Cornish slate I had recently collected from Delabole slate mine in Cornwall, which I was intending to only use as a test of suitability.


However,they both asked if if was possible to use if for the intended house sign. I agree to try it and it worked really well. What's more the slate itself is indeed riven! How very appropriate!


'BENT TREE HOUSE' - (House Stone)

BENT TREE HOUSE: a house sign commission carved in Ham Stone. The customer had seen other examples of my "informal" raised lettering styles and asked for something similar to be used for their own property. Carving stone in 'relief' in this way takes longer, but the results are usually great to look at!

'NUTHATCH' - (Portland Stone)

'Nuthatch' is a recent house sign commission I carved for a couple who live in East Sussex. It's in Portland Stone, a ragged off-cut, attractively asymmetrical, often favoured by my customers in preference to a neat edged rectangle. The font lettering style and the positioning of the Nuthatch image were decided on in consultation with the clients.

'CLIFTON' - (House Stone)

House stone 'Clifton' was carved in Bath Stone and painted sky blue at the customer's request, and is seen in situ in the photo.. Infilling stone lettering does not need to be limited to the usual black, white, grey, gold or silver; you can have any colour you like really.


'The Park' is my most prestigious commission to date. The two Bath Stone slabs had to be carved identically for the entrances to a private road in Surrey. Scary stuff, but I'm happy with them, and, more importantly, so is the client!

'WESTCOMBE' - (House Stone)


For this house sign 'Westcombe' my client expressed a preference for Blue Lias stone, which looks at first very much like slate but is in fact a harder type of limestone found in coastal and inland areas of South West England. The 4 images show the progress of the work, in reverse order, from completed stone (2 pictures) to the carving process ongoing, to the first drafting out by scribing the outline of each letter.

'GERARDS FOLLY' - (Garden Stone)

I was commissioned to carve 'Gerard's Folly' as a surpass birthday gift for a man who had begun to create a 'folly' out of stones found in a field adjoining his home. I was asked to use a further chunk of stone left over from a building project on their property, if at all feasible. This is the result; the stone is possibly of the type found in the quarry at Beer, on the Dorset/Devon border, although neither I nor the owner can be completely sure. (I now need to do the relevant research!) Although the fault line through it (quartz?) is obvious, the piece of stone I chose was the 'best in the pile' of stones available to me!


I was asked by representatives of Wookey village to create a stone to commemorate the Queen's Silver Jubilee of 2012. This is the piece I carved for them, again using Bath Stone, and is here photographed in situ in a commemorative garden above the village.




Like nearly all my other work, pieces illustrated in the Gallery are bespoke (one-off) creations and are presented to give some idea of my stylistic and subject matter preferences, and are not intended for sale....I hope you like what you see.


If you have seen a piece of my work that you particularly like, I can offer to undertake something very similar on the understanding that it too would be a newly-created unique piece. Certain specific aspects can of course be negotiated to mutual satisfaction (well, that would be the intention anyway!).


For an estimate or a no-obligation quote, feel free to talk it over with me; just visit the contact page and choose how you'd best like to get in touch.


The creation of Emilia


Little Chantry - Bath Stone

(House Name Commission)


'Asseca' - Blue Lias

(House Name Commission)


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