Words In Stone

Letter Cutting and Stonecarving


Stonecarving Gallery

My subject matter seems to feature faces predominantly - heads and busts in 3D or bas-relief. (I don't limit myself intentionally, so my range of subject matter is open to change over time.)


At present the work on show is carved from varieties of Bath or Portland Stone, both relatively soft stones. I have also enjoyed working in Lincolnshire limestone (some letter cutting), but I am open to working with other varieties of stone, depending on how my work develops and/or what I am asked to make.


Like nearly all my other work, pieces illustrated in the Gallery are one-off creations and are presented to give some idea of my stylistic and subject matter preferences, and are not  in themselves intended for sale.


However, if there is a piece of my work you particularly like, I can offer to make a very similar one on the understanding that it too would be a newly-created unique piece. Certain specific aspects can of course be negotiated to mutual satisfaction (well, that would be the intention anyway!).




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